The property will be extensively landscaped

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The property will be extensively landscaped, themed around xeriscape plantings designed by Cleve Turner. The public is invited. Citizens Bank President/CEO Jeff Nunn said, œWe’re excited about this next phase in our growth, and we’re confident that a lot of great things are in store both for our bank and for the community. The Amarillo Chamber of Commerce will host the official groundbreaking ceremony Monday, November 14th at 11am. The 12,000 square-foot structure will feature an elegantly-styled Western theme, with an abundance of natural light, wood and natural-cut stone. Georgia, adjacent to the bank’s current location at the corner of Georgia and I-27. Target date for completion is June 2012. The lobby will center around an expansive fireplace, and a spacious conference room will open into an outdoor courtyard.The General Contractor is Nunn Construction.com/ — Citizens Bank has broken ground on an Copper Clad Steel Wire Suppliers all-new banking center at 4117 S.United States, April 05,2014/Free-Press-Release. The new banking center was designed by Lavin Architects. Citizens Bank is a family-owned Community Bank established in 1904, with locations in Amarillo, Claude, and Tulia TX; and Tucumcari, NM.

Filters can be bought online and at most pool

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The Intex Easy Set Pool uses an air compressor to inflate the ring around the top of the pool. The walls are able to withstand all sorts of activity and movement, and remain strong for years of ongoing use. World Wide Web “ June 20, 2012 The easy set pools from Intex are making waves this summer as a popular escape for individuals and families who like to enjoy the sun and fun regularly outdoors in their own backyard. They set up like an inflatable children’s swimming pool, but on a larger scale and the ease of use has created a stir among users.The pools are being reviewed and recommended at www.These above ground pools are manufactured using the highest quality materials. Filters can be bought online and at most pool stores and department Copper Busbars Manufacturers stores. No tools are needed with the eighteen foot by forty eight inch pool. Some folks put down a padding of sand before setting it up, to make the space level and slightly spongy. There are two outside layers of laminated PVC material with a heavy duty mesh between them for added strength. The easy set pools contain no hard edges and there is nothing to break or wear away over time.The Intex above ground pools hold up to 5,455 gallons of water, and the walls are made from super tough thirty-gauge sidewalls, consisting of three layers of material. This also helps the water remain warm. The Intex above ground pool also comes with a ladder made of coated steel with sturdy plastic steps. Because the sides are soft, it is safer for children and it is more difficult for a child to climb in when the ladder is not present.The Intex above ground pool is a safe alternative ground pool that individuals and families love instead of installing a permanent pool or utilizing a kiddie pool.com where the outdoor expertise is highly recommended. The Intex above ground pool also comes with a cover that fits snugly over the top when the pool is not in use to prevent dirt and debris from entering. The above ground swimming pools require no actual installation process. As the pool is filled with water, the ring rises until the pool is at its maximum height of forty eighty inches. Intex Easy Set Pools feature a 1500 gallon per hour 120-volt water pump to keep the water clean and well circulated.

High school vocational shop instructor

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The second DVD set in the StreetRod 101 series is designed to empower the home garage hot rod builder with the knowledge and confidence to make modifications to a fiberglass street rod body ranging from minor to major and includes practical information and tips on removing the little flaws inherent in most fiberglass bodies that must be corrected to ensure a flawless paint job.United States, April 04,2014/Free-Press-Release.streetrodplans.Included as a special bonus is a video section on Fiberglass Top Modifications.This 5-hour instructional DVD set is hosted by Bob Hamilton, an experienced home garage street rod builder who became hooked on hot rods in the 1950s and who retired after 27 years as a high school vocational shop instructor, teaching auto-mechanics, auto-body, paint and machine shop. It’s like spending half a day with Bob sharing his knowledge in his home street rod building shop. Box 730Sycamore, IL 60178956-467-4301[email& Lightning Arrester Suppliers 160;protected.The 3-DVD set explains and simplifies choosing the correct fiberglass materials to work with; from matte and cloth to resins and hardeners as well as choosing the most economic tools. Practical personal protection and simplified shop cleanup tips are given, but the focus of the DVDs is on showing how to # do real-life fiberglass body modifications that one can duplicate easily at home.95, plus $4 for shipping and handling (no extra charge for international orders) from http://www. Bob Hamilton shows how to modify a fiberglass top made for a roadster so that it will fit a roadster pickup and he also shows how to include a unique latching mechanism that lets the top stand up when open.streetrodplans.comP.The 3-DVD “StreetRod 101 Fiberglass Body Modifications” set is available for $24.Some of the illustrated examples included in the 5-hour DVD set are: how to lengthen a body by 4+ inches, how to add a door with hidden hinges, how to replace a firewall to gain 4 inches more driver room, how to install floorboards, how to fit and install windshield posts, how to make a transmission tunnel, how to make a fiberglass mould and how to form and maintain body contours.Also included are numerous mechanical tips such as: modifying door hinges, how to make a steering column support and column drop, fabricating under dash mounts for master cylinder and brake pedal, how to make a proper ratio brake pedal, and how to fabricate a dual brake pedal assembly for use with beginning drivers and those with disabilities.

Building local mentors across

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Because every developing country that the GE Foundation supports is unique, understanding the local context is a crucial part of the work.The impact of all of these efforts has been swift and profound.The GE Foundation boosts medical efforts in a re-emerging CambodiaDararith Lim and his family had no other option. In lieu of home remedies and folk medicine, or having to travel to neighboring countries, more and more of Cambodia’s population is seeking care at local hospitals and clinics. That scenario played out again and again during Cambodia’s horrific Maoist revolution, leaving the countryside bereft of medical facilities and the country overall in dire need of experienced doctors and medical technicians. The GE Foundation team works closely with its local partners and international NGO experts to leverage the experience and expertise it has acquired through its work in fifteen countries. If the Khmer Rouge knew how well educated they were, they would have been killed; as his uncle and aunt, both doctors, had already been. “When I walk into their Emergency Rooms now, compared to what they had, it’s like going from the stone age to the jet age,” says Rod. Another refugee of the Pol Pot purge, Rod is part of a team of volunteers from GE’s Asian Pacific American Forum (APAF) who check in on more than 30 facilities in 24 provinces that DHG is supporting. Both mortality rates and recovery times have been reduced. Dararith’s family eventually escaped to Australia. Now that peace and democracy have been restored in the country, the GE Foundation has stepped in to help Cambodia bring its medical facilities up to speed. The new ER equipment, made possible by GE support, is significantly improving trauma and emergency care.Technicians in training will participate in both classroom and laboratory instruction, with a strong emphasis on hands-on training. His father was an engineer and his mother a nurse. One hospital in Kompong Speu, near where a subsequent guerrilla war dragged on into the 90′s, still regularly receives patients with land mine injuries. Doctors now have the ability to monitor vital signs during surgeries, something taken for granted in the developed world.Gathering feedback and support from in-country experts and building local mentors across the Ministry of Health hospital system is a highly valued aspect of the Developing Health Globally program. Although the civil war with the Khmer Rouge ended in 1975, the land mines are still there. A legacy of the bloody revolution and its Maoist purge of intellectuals is a severe shortage of physicians and nurses, as well as technicians who can operate the new machines and keep them in working order.  Two important local partners championing this effort are Calmette National Hospital, as it becomes a Center of Excellence in the public health system, and the University of Puthisastra, a local educational partner that will help provide the program and the country with future technicians. Developing Health Globally™ (DHG), in partnership with the Ministry of Health in Cambodia, has provided crucial medical equipment in key areas, including casualty wards, ICUs, operating theaters, labor and delivery wards, nurseries, radiology units and labs.  The GE Foundation also engages “GE ambassadors” for its recipient countries: volunteers who work with the GE Foundation team to build relationships with DHG-supported hospitals and build sustainable practices. Rod Sou, a Copper clad steel wire Manufacturers biomedical technician with GE Healthcare at Florida Hospital in Tampa, has been a GE Ambassador to Cambodia for three years now. Alarms and alerts now warn surgeons and clinicians of urgent anomalies.But there remains a shortage of doctors.. Doctors are treating more patients, and with better outcomes, which in turn brings in more patients.  GE ambassadors partner with medical directors in Cambodia to make that human connection and help them to adopt—and adapt—best practices. This June, the GE Foundation and Cambodia’s Ministry of Health announced the launch of a national biomedical equipment technician (BMET) training program developed in partnership with Duke University and Engineering World Health. To compound the stress on limited resources, a boom in the availability of motor bikes and cars has brought a drastic increase in traffic accidents. In the mid-70′s, when Pol Pot’s men swept through the country and hauled the “elites” off to the killing fields, Dararith and his parents left their home, pretended to be uneducated, and were taken out to work the rice fields instead. Creating centers of excellence and local champions is both a challenge and a breakthrough in a culture in which speaking up and asking questions might have gotten one killed in the all-too-recent past. Now that the hostilities are history, he has returned to his homeland and is the country manager of GE’s Global Growth Operations, a key partner on the ground for the GE Foundation team, helping manage the partnership with the Ministry of Health.

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